Family PACT is a limited-benefits family planning program.  The eligibility process is completed through a Family PACT provider and has 4 simple eligibility criteria.  If eligible, your Health Access Program (HAP) card will be activated and you will be seen the same day.  

1. You must be a California resident;
2. Your income for your family size must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines;
3. The client must have no other source of health care coverage for family planning services, or meet the criteria specified for eligibility with Other Health Coverage and;
4. You must have a medical necessity for family planning services.

The Federal Poverty Level Income Guidelines are based on the "basic family unit".  The “basic family unit” consists of the applicant, spouse (including common-law) and minor children, if any, related by blood, marriage, or adoption, and residing in the same household.

If an applicant is claimed as a tax dependent by the applicant’s spouse or parents, the applicant’s basic family unit include the applicant, spouse if living together, the tax filer and the tax filer’s other tax dependents.

Your provider will ask you for any updates to your current information at the beginning of every appointment. Your provider will let you know if a change has impacted your eligibility for the program. If your income increases above the program level due to a new situation, you would no longer be eligible for Family PACT.  Your Family PACT provider will be able to make any necessary changes and determine if you are still eligible for the program. New Federal Poverty Level Income Guidelines are posted every year.